Show Lawnside Matters with Your Own Sign

lawnsign7.5.18Lawnside is a historic town with roots in the Underground Railroad and an independent spirit we celebrate on Lawnside Heritage Day and every day.  We have three nationally recognized historic sites within this one-square mile community: The Peter Mott House Underground Railroad Museum, the Mount Peace Cemetery and the Lawnside Public School on Warwick Road (now Lawnside Meadows).

To show your support for our historic community, purchase a lawn sign, “LAWNSIDE: This Place Matters” for $20. Call 856-889-7152 or send email to with This Place Matters in the subject line.  Checks should be made payable to the Lawnside Historical Society. Special thanks to Steve Pollard, member and borough councilman. Our history matters all year long. Find ways you can volunteer to help preserve our town.
At left, officers of the Lawnside Historical Society show their pride in the Peter Mott House. They are Jacqueline Miller Bentley, Christine Lewis-Coker, Chrissandra Butler and C. Joyce Fowler.


Volunteers of all ages gather in May 2018 at the Mount Peace Cemetery to clean up the historic burial ground, which was founded in 1902.  Many prominent people of color from the region and more than 108 Civil War military men rest there.